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our vision

HeadStart teaches a way of thinking which unleashes the potential in young athletes.


We believe that every young athlete in New Zealand should have the opportunity to learn the mental skills to thrive, both on and off the pitch.

We exist to create a lasting impact upon young Kiwis, developing them as better athletes and as well-rounded people.

So that our next generation of Kiwi athletes can flourish both in their performances and in their mental well-being.

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our method

HeadStart's programs and sessions are built from:

  • The evidence of well-validated psychology & neuroscience research studies.

  • The practical experience of what it takes to perform at the professional & international level of competitive sport.


So that you receive the most effective tools to build mental strength & well-being from our programs and sessions.

Our outcomes

The table below summarises the key outcomes of HeadStart's training programs:

Outcomes of Mental Skills Training

We aim for the complete development of young athletes.


So that every young person can thrive, both on & off the field!

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