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combining football skill & Mindset development

HeadStart connects football training with mindset development through on-field and online sessions which improves players:

• Footballing Skill Level & Performance

• Mental Toughness

• Overall Well-Being

the headstart philosphy

"be greater"

value-driven training:

HeadStart's training programs empower young athletes to "be greater" through basing all of our training sessions on our values:


our values:

Show Gratitude

  • Saying thank you and taking time to appreciate how other people help us


take responsibility

  • Looking at myself first to see how I can take actions to improve


reward effort

  • Praising hard work in myself and in others


have Accountability

  • Owning my actions, decisions and performances


respect teammates

  • Encouraging and supporting my teammates to become better


bring energy

  • Showing up with enthusiasm and a drive to excel


rise above

  • Holding myself to the highest standards of behaviour

build skills for success:

Taken together, our values form the basis of how to "be greater" and develop skills for lasting success, both on & off the field

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