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achieve your goals

Our training program is designed to guide & support you in achieving your biggest goals.

We blend physical football sessions with online mindset training to build your skill level, fitness & mental strength.

Personalised to you and your unique needs through our personal player dashboard software and weekly personal improvement feedback from our expert coaches.

train with purpose

Our training programs are built in the following way:

Mindset session

  • Focusing on a specific topic to build your mental strength and help you make progress towards achieving your goals

football session

  • Fully based on game-realistic situations to effectively train for skill & fitness  improvement

  • Implementation of topic from mindset session in physical form so that players can take action towards improving towards their goals 

personalised feedback

  • At the end of every week players and parents receive feedback provided by our coaches which guides them towards progressing faster towards achieving their unique goals

  • In depth progress reports and updates on improvements towards goals with specific targets and measures each month

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