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what are Mental Skills 

Mental skills are "tools of the mind" which can be learned and constantly improved.

Examples include:

• Self-Awareness

• Confidence

• Resilience

Developing and improving these mental skills allows young athletes to better express their physical skills and succeed on the pitch.

It also gives them set of transferable skills to help them thrive in all other areas of life.

benefits of
mental skills training

Mental skills training has shown to benefit young athletes by:


Optimising Performance

  • Developing a mindset to consistently play at their best on the pitch


Increasing Well-Being

  • Learning the mental "tools" to improve how they think, feel, and act in all areas of life


Mental skills training has been shown to raise performance through giving young athletes the capabilities to:

  • Build resilience to overcome challenges & learn from failure 

  • Improve confidence and self-belief to express their athletic abilities

  • Use pressure to perform and overcome nerves to play at their best in competition

  • Sustain motivation to continue to work hard and improve

  • Control emotions to work well with others



Developing mental skills has been shown to grow:

  • A stronger sense of purpose

  • Clearer values which guide daily actions

  • A more positive self-image and identity

  • Positive emotions and more stable mood

  • Better social skills & relationships

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