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 the environment 

Sport is played in a dynamic and complex environment.


Likewise, we live in an unpredictable and ever-changing world.


To excel in both these areas, young players need to develop a set of mental skills which allow them to think in a adaptive, impactful, and mindful way.

Principles of 1-1 Mental Skills Work (1).png

The headstart

Mental skills training at HeadStart allows athletes to excel in complex environments such as sport by developing a mindset which is:



• Adaptable

• Impactful

• Mindful


Together, we AIM to think, feel, & act better.

Together, we AIM for excellence.

a mindset for life

The AIM mindset is transferable to other areas of life.

(such as academic achievement or building positive relationships)

HeadStart aims to have a lasting positive impact upon athletes in all areas of their lives.

(making them better athletes as well as better people)

We build mindsets for both sport and life!

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