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how we teach mental skills

At HeadStart we teach mental skills through:

Play-Based Activities:

In which young athletes have fun and develop an intrinsic interest in developing mental skills.

Sport-Specific Training:

Young athletes practice on the skills specific to their sport whilst applying mental skills to improve at a faster rate than normal training.

Theory-Based Worksheets:

For young athletes to complete and take with them as a guide for how to continuously develop mental skills for a lasting impact in their lives.

We believe mental skills training should be fun, challenging, and provide a lasting positive impact for young athletes.

Our principles at headstart

HeadStart Principles

These principles are our commitment to you.

Our training environment and programs are built upon these principles.

So that every young athlete has the opportunity to flourish and become their best!


HeadStart's programs use high-quality research from the following fields of psychology:

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

The study of what makes people thrive and live with quality

Performance Psychology

Performance Psychology

The study of what makes people perform at their best

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

The study of physical, cognitive & socio-emotional learning in people

Our research pages, providing you with an in-depth overview of the most impactful knowledge for young athletes from these fields of psychology are coming soon.

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