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Our story

HeadStart was created to help all young athletes fulfil their potential.

Despite an increasing focus on the importance of mental well-being and performance in recent years, the mental skills which help young athletes in these areas are not readily accessible for most.

At HeadStart we exist to help young athletes develop these mental skills and create a space that allows them to:

• Excel in their athletic performances through a better functioning mind

• Flourish in everyday life through increased mental well-being


So that our next generation of Kiwis can become:

• People who represent themselves & their community with pride

• Thriving members of our society

• Role models to others

professional experience

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francis de vries

Founder & Lead Coach of HeadStart

After having played over 100 professional football games in Europe and North America, as well as represented my country as an All White, I have come to appreciate the importance of building mental skills for both increased performance on the field and better well-being off the field.

Developing mental skills has helped me to overcome many challenges in my career, from the high pressure situations you face when playing international football to the insecurity the comes with earning professional contracts.

While mental skills have helped immensely in my performance on the football field, they have grown something even more valuable in me. Mental skills have allowed me to find confidence in myself, given me more resilience, and helped me to treat other people better.

In doing so, developing mental skills has greatly improved the quality of all areas of my life.


Now, my passion is to support you with this same process, so that you can fulfil your potential and find success!

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